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Australia is recognized worldwide as one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world.

From 24 million population of Australia, half are born in other countries. As a result, in Australia more than 260 languages are spoken. This country with English as its national language, Is the sixth largest country which became the third English speaking destination due to the Advanced education system and world-credible universities.


Degrees in Australia:


Higher education courses at Australian universities, such as European and American universities, consist of three levels

Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D.


Study bachelor’s in Australia:


From 43 reputable and active universities in Australia, 8 of them have continually been in the list of 100 reputable and top world universities. Undergraduate in Australia takes 3 to 5 years and the 5 years courses are related to the medical fields and double degrees. The suitable requirements for receiving Australian student visa in undergraduate degree includes diploma and pre-university degree. Language tests which have been approved to universities of Australia are TOEFL and IELTS. The minimum band score for IELTS exam in undergraduate degree is 6. Of course some fields require higher band score. It should be noted that if the students aren’t in the appropriate level, foundation courses are mandatory.


Study master’s degree in Australia:


Studying for master’s degree in Australia takes 1 to 2 years and it’s worth mentioning having bachelor’s degree is one of the main conditions to get master in Australia. Though there are some fields of business and IT that students in different fields can choose to continue their education for master’s degree in Australia. The applicants for student visa application in master’s degree are required to proffer a valid bachelor’s degree and have minimum IELTS band score of 6.5. moreover, students in this level are allowed to work indefinitely.


Study for a PHD in Australia:


Studying for a PHD usually takes 3 years and from the needed documents for receiving this student visa in Australia, we can name undergraduate’s degree, a degree in master of research or master of coursework, along with articles and research experience. A notable point in this case is having relatable previous degree and selected topic for research which proves that the student has a significant knowledge in the selected field. Also the applicant studying at this level needs an advisor in the time of applying for admission and is allowed to work indefinitely.


Work while studying in Australia:


Every international student can have a part time job beside studying in the accepted course to reduce living and tuition expenses. According to the law in Australia, a student can do 40 hours of student work in two weeks. Naturally working hours may differ considering the type or degree.


Tuition fees in Australia:


The tuition fees in Australia considering the field of study or degrees are different. For undergraduate courses the tuition fees are on average between 20000 to 45000 Australian dollars. tuition fees for master’s degree is between 22000 to 50000 Australian dollars and for PHD is 18000 to 42000 Australian dollars.


living expenses in Australia:


International students living in Australia receive 1400 to 2500 Australian dollars a month for all living expenses including accommodation, food and social activities.

Top universities in Australia

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

Australian National University

University of Queensland

Monash University

University of New South Wales

University of Adelaide

The University of Western Australia

University of Technology

Sydney University of Canberra

Queensland University of Technology

Macquarie University

Curtin University

Griffith University

James Cook University

La Trobe University

University of Wollongong

Australian Catholic University



Step by step getting an Australian student visa


Step one:


Getting a passport

Performing a health test

Step two: Gather the required documents

Passport of the applicants and companions

Birth certificate of the applicants and companions

ID card of the applicants and companions

Marriage certificate (if married)

Completed Consent 1229 form –by parents of under 18 children that their parents or legal guardians won’t come to Australia with them.

Certificate of no criminal record for the applicant and companions.

Bank statements to prove financial stability to pay for living and studying in Australia

Council on Occupational Education degree (COE)

Student insurance

Language certificate or a certificate indication the exemption from providing a language certificate

School registration certificate for children between 5 to 18 years

Work experience (you can make a resume out of your last 5 years of work experience)

Completed GTE statement form

If possible, other additional documents to prove that you intend to return to your country after completing your course.



Step three:


applying for visa


To apply online, register in LmmiAccount and upload your documents. (of course you are obligated to pay a fee to apply for your visa)







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