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Student visa in the UAE

Student visa in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates is a country close to Iran, which attracts immigrants from all over the world due to its advanced facilities and high speed. The UAE, as the center of higher education in the Middle East, is developing rapidly. Good weather, advanced facilities, after graduation job opportunities, and top ranked universities in the Persian Gulf region are some of the reasons that make the UAE a great option for higher education. Studying English and branches of the top universities of the world (European and American) generated a strong motivation to educate in the UAE. It is located in eastern end of Saudi Arabia and has a marine border with Qatar and Iran in the Persian Gulf.


Studying in Emirates :


In the UAE, education is mandatory for all children above the age of 5 and public schools for elementary and high school education are free for all the UAE citizens till the age of 18.


Nursery school :


Nursery education in Dubai starts from an early age (18 months to 2 years). Fundamental English language skills starts from this period.


Kindergarten :


Children in the age of four to five learn things like: English, Arabic, mathematics, and art. In kindergarten

“religion” is a part of school curriculum and students are taught their own religion.


Elementary education :


Students accepted in elementary schools are about six years old. English is the main language of education in most elementary schools although in some schools, other languages such as Arabic, Indian, French and also Russian is taught.


High school education :


After finishing elementary school, students will enter high school. There are two types of high schools in the Emirates; normal high schools which center on academic subjects and technical high schools which focus on transferring specific skills to students.

Bachelor’s, master’s, and PHD degree are also higher education degrees in the UAE, respectively.


Study bachelor’s degree in the UAE :


Bachelor’s in the UAE is taught in English and take about 4 years (132 to 136 education hours). Of course for the fields like medicine and surgery, bachelor’s will be 6 years. To get admission in universities of the UAE, one must present his/her diploma and pre university degree along with his/her English language degree (IELTS of 5).


Study master’s degree in the UAE :


Master’s degree in the UAE normally takes between 1 to 2 years and of course some fields take to 5 years. To get admission for this degree in the UAE, presenting your bachelor’s degree along with transcript and also English language test certificate (IELTS band score of 5.5) is mandatory.


study for PHD in the UAE :


To enter universities of the UAE for PHD you should have a supervisor. Like universities of the UK and other countries studying for this degree is research and one must defend his/ her final project after it’s done. PHD takes between 3 to 4 years and to receive admission in this level, master’s degree along with transcript, a strong resume and also English language certificate (IELTS band score of 6.5 or higher) is required.


Work while study in the UAE :


International students are not legally allowed to work in the UAE, except for the internship which is presented for them after graduating. But recent changes have been made in law which allows the international students to receive work permit while studying if they go to the UAE labor office and if the university financially approved, they will be allowed to work part time.


Tuition fees in the UAE :

The UAE universities have pretty expensive tuition fees that may differ depending on the level of degree, type of university, and city of choice. Perhaps, having branches of top universities in the world next to universities of the UAE, causes tuition fees to go higher. On average tuition fees in the UAE is 10000 to 15000 dollars.


Living expenses in the UAE :


One of the most important items to consider when studying in another country is living expenses. As a student, your accommodation, transportation expenses and food expenses are very important in the course. An international student in the UAE needs an average amount of 650 to 1300 Euros to cover his/her living expenses. A big part of this expense belongs to the house. However, people’s lifestyle can be effective at this.

Top universities of the UAE :

United Arab Emirates University

Khalifa University

University of Sharjah

American University of Sharjah (AUS)

Zayed University

American University in Dubai

Abu Dhabi University

Ajman University


Step by step getting the UAE student visa :


Required documents to apply for the visa:

  • University admission certificate
  • Birth certificate and ID card
  • Copy of passport (valid for at least 6 months)
  • a few photos
  • proof of financial viability
  • receipt of payment of visa fee and university tuition
  • previous courses degree along with transcripts
  • medical examination certificate
  • providing medical services insurance
  • complete and submit the UAE student visa application form


step one :


after receiving the admission certificate from a reputable university of the UAE, you must fill out the visa application form and attach your photo


step two :


prepare all of your documents in advance. Defective documents will result in the rejection of your visa application.


Step three :


In this step, submit your application form and documents to the student visa application center in Dubai and also pay for the visa. The cost of obtaining a UAE student visa varies depending on the city and the university of your choice. Student visa fee is on average between 1000 to 3000 Dirhams and the cost of renewal is 500 Dirhams.


Step 4 :


In case of approval, visa will be issued to you through the student visa application center in Dubai.




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